New Life Christian Academy Hybrid

Our Elementary aged students receive classroom instruction through the ABEKA Curriculum which is biblically based and teaches children essential knowledge and skills in order to prepare them for advanced studies as they mature into higher grades. Our qualified classroom teachers provide students with an excellent education incorporating music, art, and group activities to engage children and make learning fun.

New Life Christian Academy Hybrid is designed to educate students in an innovative manner that incorporates technology with traditional class structure. Our approach is fresh and forward. We combine the advances of education through online instruction with good old fashioned hands on teaching. Our students receive an excellent education that reflects the changing world of today. We have adopted Alpha Omega Curriculum which is a biblically based curriculum that infuses students with knowledge through online coursework. Through Alpha Omega, students can advance without limits because the courses allow individuals to soar as high as they desire. In addition, students are able to work on their lessons from home or anywhere they receive a Wi-Fi connection. In our computer lab, students are monitored and guided by their classroom teacher.

The classroom teacher is an integral contributor, making sure students are receiving adequate assistance and maintaining progress. Our instructors are degreed and highly qualified professionals who provide students with a well-rounded education. Students experience the traditional classroom structure where they spend quality time doing such activities as science labs, math games, group work, research projects, reading, and writing. We also provide students with creative outlets like music and art. Our design is unique and effective. In today’s technology driven world, we believe it is imperative to combine these aspects within the school setting. Our children are the future and we understand how their future is always progressing, yet we also value the traditional classroom structure and have found that our program is reflective and conducive to mesh the beauty of both these worlds.

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