Our Story

The summer of 2015 began like many summers. Our children were excited to be out of school, and were making plans for the weeks ahead. Fall seemed like a distant date on the calendar. But that excitement was interrupted with a letter we received that threatened to change everything. In my mailbox was an announcement that New Life Christian Academy would be closing its doors after 27 years. For us, this wasn’t just another piece of mail. It felt more like the loss of a loved one. The disbelief, devastation and grief were immediate and would follow us for many weeks.

Elisha and the kidsAs a parent with two children (now 11 and 14) who spent their entire life on campus, NLCA was like home. After all, they had each been attending since 18 months, beginning with Noah’s Ark Daycare. I simply couldn’t imagine sending them to another school.

Parents began to scatter, looking for a solution. We shared our disappointment with each other as we looked for another suitable school. Two other close families joined us in our search. We all agreed public school was not an option. The only other solution was homeschool.

As we explored a wide variety of choices, one parent volunteered to quit her job and homeschool our children. We acknowledged that this would be “option B” for now. “Option A” would be to visit local schools and see if could place all of our children together. Time was ticking and more days of research followed. Meanwhile, our children were oblivious to what was happening as we didn’t want to ruin Summer of 2015 with bad news.

We all met at the first school on the list for a guided tour of the campus. Halfway through the tour, I broke down crying in the hallway. Another parent and I pulled away from the group momentarily as she attempted to console and reassure me that we could get through this. I couldn’t believe that I was having to explore another option for my children like this.

I simply couldn’t imagine sending them to another school.

After the walkthrough, we each took a deep breath and realized that we were going to trust G-d, have faith, and go with option B.

Parents began to ask about our plans for our children, even as enrollment surged at Christian Academies throughout the city. The homeschool idea started catching on. Before we knew it, we grew beyond the home of the parent who volunteered to quit her job to educate our children, to something larger. We notified the Chancellor and Superintendent of our situation and they gave us their blessing to use the now vacant facilities of New Life Christian Academy. Because of its legacy and its place in the city as a pillar of Christian education for 27 years, we wanted to keep not only its standards but also its name. This is the day New Life Christian Academy Hybrid was born. Together, our three families decided to step out in faith for our children, their safety and their education. Even without the funding of NLCC or any entity for that matter, we took that step with determination and peace.

We are so excited about what the future holds for NLCAH. The word HYBRID means “powered by more than one source of power or interaction.” We are a new team with a new day ahead of us, doing things in a new way! NLCAH intends to combine the benefits of a traditional classroom with an interactive, online learning environment. Because our focus is quality, not quantity, students will receive a more individualized experience with a smaller classroom layout. Students can also look forward to spending each day with some of San Antonio’s top educators. Our teachers have a passion for learning and growing. Walking through the familiar hallways of NLCA, students can be assured they are in a safe, Christian environment.
New Life Christian Academy Hybrid is powered by parents and fueled by positive energy. Thank you for trusting our process. With your support and G-d’s help, we can do anything. Romans 8:28.